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Certified Distressed Property Expert A Certified Distressed Property Expert® (CDPE) has a thorough understanding of complex issues in today’s turbulent real estate industry and knowledge of foreclosure avoidance options.

Monica Walsh



Certified Distressed Property Expert 

Accredited Distressed Property Representative


Welcome to my home page.

I am a REALTOR®  and Licensed Illinois Property Appraiser. My expertise includes distressed

properties, including but not limited to, all types of real estate transactions, especially a large number of short sales.


I have practiced conventional real estate (normal buying and selling) on the North Side of Chicago; where I am a resident and familar with every neighborhood, from the Gold Coast to the extreme Northwest side. I specialize in all types of deals but frequently the more complex negotiations that less experienced brokers stay away from.


With more than two decades of property appraisal background, I know the value of a property and can assist property owners set the right price for the market and achieve as much profitability as possibile. Knowing a property value up-front, especially in uncertain market conditions is exceptionally important both on the buy or sell side. Understanding the market gets the deal done in a smooth and timely manner.


I work with some of the best lenders, attorneys, and title companies in Chicago based on years of experience and relationships not advertising hype. The top performers in all aspects of real estate prefer to work together because when everyone is doing their job and communicating, the deal gets done.


In no other area of real estate is this more true than the short-sale transaction. Short sales are often volatile deals so experienced, cool heads must prevail and help the seller minimize their loss. Be aware that there are real estate brokers and attorneys that may suggest that they are short sale experts that acually have little or no real experience.


I start by introducing sellers to a team of attorneys and their professional negotiators that work exclusively with the banks helping negotiate these complex deals. As your representative in the deal, I watch over all the groups of experts making sure they are all working to move the deal forward and communicating with one another. There are many parts to a short sale, some of which are explained on this web site.


Contrary to what lenders may tell you, the homeowner does not need to be in default in order to be considered for a short sale.


So, if you or someone you know is currently struggling, facing difficult challenges to keep up with your mortgage, experiencing financial hardship, and perhaps even owe more than your home is worth, then there may be a free and discreet solution for you. Simply defined, a short sale means the lender may be willing to release their lien against property for less than the outstandingthe  mortgage balance (including default interest and penalties, etc.) Chicago area Short Sales is one of my specialites.


The Chicago Northside and suburban areas are my backyard but I have also done numerous deals all over the Chicago area. If you or someone you know are interested in a risk-free conversation or valuation of your property: simply reach out. I am here to help. Real estate when practiced right is about a partnership between the buyer/seller and their trusted service partner.


Thank you for stopping by.


Monica Walsh

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